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He placed a smooth kiss on her neck from behind. His hands covered her stomach, his warm chest pressed against her small back. „No need to be afraid ‚lil cat.“ he whispered. She shivered. „Shh… It’s fine.“
Her arms were wrapped around her chest like she were protecting something inside from the outside world. Carefully he took one of her hands and let it touch his lips. He kissed her knuckles and every fingertip ‚til she relaxed a bit. „That’s it ‚lil cat. There’s a good girl.“ The other arm dangled down without any power left. Tired from protecting. He clinged more to her and inhaled the smell of her silky hair. „You’re so beautiful ‚lil cat. I almost can’t stand it.“ But his pretty cat shook her head and stared at the ground. „You don’t believe me ‚lil cat? That is really too bad. I wish you would.“
Again he kissed her bare neck. He smiled as she bowed her head slightly to the side. „Want me to continue ‚lil cat? You have to be petted don’t you?“ She stiffened suddenly and attempted to escape. Gently but firmly he hold her back. „Shh… I’m sorry ‚lil cat.I’m sorry. I was just joking. Don’t run away.“ She made a sound like she wanted to say something but he pressed his finger on her lips. „Hush! Cats are not supposed to talk. You just have to stay with me and remain silent.“ He stroke her head and whispered close by her ear „You belong to me. You are mine alone. Do not ever forget.“ Sobbing she closed her eyes. „No need to be afraid ‚lil cat. I won’t abandon you. Never. I’m not that cruel.“ He put one hand beneath her collarbone, felt her beating heart. She sighed, raised a hand and interlaced her fingers with his. „Good girl. Now then stop crying.“ He placed a trail of light kisses along her jaw. „It’s fine now ‚lil cat. It’s fine now.“