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There was always the three of them. The fierce girl, the pretty and weak girl and the gentle boy. Since childhood they were friends. Nothing could seperate them. If one of them had been ill the others would have spent all their time with the ill friend and wouldn’t want to leave him although it got dark.
It was a happy childhood. The fierce one protected the weak one everytime she got in trouble or others bullied her. They were best friends and they were more mature about being with boys than other children of their age. It wasn’t “eeek, gross boys!” and so was the boy, not “eeek, girl!”. For them gender didn’t matter. Yeah it was really happy… on the surface.
It’s not fate. It could have been every girl but this time it was the fierce girl. The girl who was everything but perfect. The first time being neglected by her friend hurt much. The boy stayed with the weak one and told the fierce to go home. He didn’t have ill intentions. The boy just wanted her not to worry and not to get to sleep too late. He worried about her. However she was hurt, she felt unwanted and superfluous.
Let’s name the firece girl in order to difference easier. What about… Ebby? Yeah, we call her Ebby. And the other girl is Daisy like the flower.
Ebby suppressed that day from her memory. The friends grew older and went to the same school and class. As time went by the girls became more aware of their femaleness. Likewise the boy. He matured, became protective for Daisy.
Ebby liked the boy. This girl really liked the gentle boy who knew she was more than just her strong appearance. When she turned 16 she was sure – She loved him. Ebby fell in love with her childhood friend.
Unfortunately Ebby knew Daisy liked him too. And she knew the boy liked Daisy. Ebby knew the moment she confesses will be the moment their long friendship ends. Even so the sharp pain running through her every time she saw Daisy and the boy together tortured her til she made a decision.
She confessed. Although she knew the answer, although she knew he would reject her for Daisy. And he did.
And although she knew it would come to this she wasn’t prepared for the pain it caused. Fine, she said. If you don’t chose me our friendship will be over. I don’t want to see your face again. Not yours and not Daisy’s.
Ebby run home. Only then she allowed herself to cry.
The next day Daisy acted like always. You know I confessed, right?, Ebby said. Daisy nodded and apologised. She started to cry and said she doesn’t want them to part. But Ebby laughed. Don’t pity me. You’re in love so I’ll be in the way. Stay away from me. The boy comforted Daisy and tried to talk with Ebby but the fierce girl walked away.
You may say she was cold hearted. But the truth is more than just that. She was hurt, she felt abandoned. She hated herself for being selfish and destroying their friendship. She couldn’t take Daisy’s apology because actually Daisy didn’t do anything wrong. It was her: Ebby destroyed everything cause she was jealous. And that hurt her.It would be easier to take if Daisy hated her or was angry at her. But she wasn’t.
There weren’t three friends anymore.