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And the hero risked his life to rescue his dear friend. He fought monsters and almost died a thousand times. He travelled through the kingdom, always after the traces of her, but always too late to meet her. The hero hurried, he ran and flew through the sky just to catch up with her.
Then he found her when she was about to go in a light, after she purified her body in a spring cause she is the messenger of the goddess. Pure happines flowed through him. He stopped dead and looked at her. His girl turned around and her eyes widened in surprise. She smiled and wanted to run square to him but a goddess‘ servant stopped her. – You have to go. Follow your path as I told you- The girl hesitated a moment but left. The hero jumped forward reached out for her but the servant stopped him. Cold as ice were his eyes. – You can’t go. You were too late. Without me she would be in the enemy’s hand. I doubt the goddess chose the right guy to be the hero. She mistook you for someone I guess. You’re not someone who can protect the messenger. I’ll watch over her now so screw you. Come back when you’re stronger. But I don’t believe that time will come.“ The servant went into the light and was gone.
Gone was the hero’s princess and gone was the servant. But he did everything for her, He hurried through every possible danger. Just for her… and now… he was told he isn’t good enough? All he did was in vain? He ccouldn’t do anything? At that moment time stopped and the hero couldn’t think straight and couldn’t say anything.
He just stood there without any power left.