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The world told me about you. You are dangerous. Ugly. Unsociable.
Despite all that… I looked for you.
You were different from what they said. Mysterious. Vivid. Kind.
You had a special kindness only I knew.

I ignored them and followed you where ever you went. Like a shadow. Trying to catch your hand.

Suddenly you were gone. Panicking I looked for you.
Run. I had to run. Where were you?

Found you.

The moment I ran wildly around I saw you.
You waited for me. You opened your arms to catch me.
I knew… just few steps and I would have been in your arms.
I reached out my hand…

…and woke up.
No! It can’t be. So frustrating.

With no ill intentions she woke me up. Another day has started.

I tried to dream again but the mysterous man was gone.